Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All In The Family

This is one of those show's that I've always watched but recently I've been on this kick and watching an episode or two everyday. Watching this show makes me realize that we're living in a totally different time and people have become way too sensitive about things. There could never be another show like this made now or ever again. As I've gotten older I definitely appreciate this show even more. Here's an episode where Archie meets Sammy Davis Jr. Funny!


  1. Hey, King, where you been? You've been MIA for a while now.

    ALL IN THE FAMILY is a great show. I especially like the episodes that involve Archie and 'Meathead' butting heads over political, public or racial views. It made for some entertaining viewing.

    The show comes on everyday on TV Land. It used to come on in the mornings, sometimes two or three episodes back to back. Now it's on in the evenings from 6 to 7.

    They had an episode on the other night I hadn't seen before wherein Cleavon Little(!) and Demond Wilson (Lamont from SANFORD & SON) break into Archie's house and rob the place. The whole episode revolved around whether the family should buy a gun or pay to publish a song Edith had written. You seen that one? It was really funny.

  2. Yo Venom whats up! I've been trying to finish up a bunch of projects that I've been working on so I've been MIA but Im back in action now and will be updating on a regular. Been keeping up on your blog though.

    We must've been watching the same episode with Archies house being robbed. Its funny because a friend of mine had just mentioned that episode and it came on a week after that. I slightly remember seeing it years ago. But the ones with Archie and Michael fighting of political issues are definitely some of the best ones. I actually got hooked on watching the show again since they put it back on TVland. Its definitely a classic and timeless show.

  3. I been kinda MIA myself. Had lots going on recently. Been trying to post something here and there. I got a lot of things ready to go and some others that are lying around unfinished.

    Yeah, I frequently watch TV Land. It's probably my favorite channel. I wish they'd branch out and get some other series' like Wild Wild West. I got the DVD sets but it'd be nice to see them on tv again. Sanford and Son is another fave of mine which gets frequent airplay over there.