Friday, December 4, 2009

All in the family (Robbery Episode)

If you read the last All In The Family post then this is in response to Venoms5 comment on the robbery episode. This is definitely a great episode with a couple of appearances from two guys from other sitcoms during that time which Im sure you'll recognize instantly.

Venoms5 whats been up? How's things on your end?


  1. This bit was hilarious, Skeme! What made it even funnier and amazing was seeing Demond Wilson (Lamont from SANFORD & SON!) and Clevon Little (future Black Bart in BLAZING SADDLES; a mega classic!)

    Things are good I guess. Bought a house recently and been working two jobs to pay the bills and buy things I want, romancing in between all that and trying desperately to find time to work on my site; something I really enjoy doing for myself and wish I had time like I had a few months ago.

    Keep up the great nostalgic remembrances, Skeme, they're much appreciated. Nostalgia's good for the blood you know. It keeps one young at heart.

  2. Congrats on the new house, thats always a great feeling even if working two jobs, but you gotta buy those extra things you want though! I agree 100%, there's always so little time to work on the site.