Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Godfathers of Hong Kong

Been looking for a clean copy with english dub for a while now. I have a decent copy but its in German, if you've got a copy that you want to part with let me know!!


  1. Hey, Skeme, were you at the Lo Mang Expo in Philly a couple years ago? I was there with my friend John who runs fareastflix. The star of GODFATHERS OF HONG KONG was there, too. He only had a German print of this movie as well. If the dub is anywhere I would imagine it would be in South Africa. It seems everything was released there and dubbed into English. Greece, too, possibly.

  2. No I missed it, but really wanted to attend. Wow, thats crazy that he only has a German print too. Im sure an english exists somewhere so I'll have to continue to be on the hunt, the search is never done!


  3. It was rather sloppily handled. The original date was August 5th. Well it was later changed to August 25th only no one bothered to change the date on the site promoting the event. Sadly, there was only about 50 people there and I know at least 15 people who decided against going because they knew Ric Meyers was associated with it and didn't believe the show was for real. Tony Todd was announced to be there but he either no showed, or declined at some point. Taimak was in attendance, though. Even still, I only went to meet Lo Mang as he has been one of my childhood heroes ever since seeing him in FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS and CRIPPLED AVENGERS back in 1983.