Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Five Deadly Venoms

Ok, here's another flick that always brings back childhood memories but not just the fact that its a Venoms flick but because of the voice doing the commentary. His voice is so distinct and I remember it from many flicks during that time period. Just the sound of his voice made you want to see the flick, even if it was wack you just had to watch it! Kind of like the Howard Cosell of B movies.


  1. I was late seeing FIVE VENOMS. I had seen nearly every film featuring the venom troupe before I saw this one. I never saw it on television though. I had bought an old Dragon Video bootleg of the cut tv version back in the late 80's or early 90's.

  2. Yeah, Five Venoms was one of those Saturday afternoon movies that I would wait forever to see but only showed a few times, but they would run others all the time.

  3. The only venom movie I remember catching at the drive in was MASKED AVENGERS and the rest of their stuff I saw on television. First we had 'The Black Belt Feature', then 'Martial Arts Theater' then it changed to its final incarnation, 'Kung Fu Theater'. This was a local channel here in NC.

    The USA Network had their own kung fu show although I forget the name of it. I remember during commercial breaks an animated fortune cookie would be broken on the screen and a voiceover would read it off. They showed all kinds of kung fu flicks. The Shaw movies they showed that I remember were IRON FINGERS OF DEATH and 10 TIGERS OF KWANG TUNG.

    The old Night Flight program also on USA Network also had a kung fu show (Mike's Take Out Theater I think it was called) but I don't think they showed entire movies, just like 60 minutes of them.

    Towards the end of the 80's venom movies like KILLER ARMY and DESTROYERS was playing at least once a week. Thank goodness for Celestial restoring the Shaw library to finally see (most) of these movies in their uncut (or as uncut as possible) versions.